Let's Reform our world...

Meet Reform Coin, a decentralized cryptocurrency focused on revolutionizing crypto donations for all, for the future.

The world needs $RFORM.

Donations are a common form of supporting charities, education programs, and initiatives. However, donation platforms/middlemen have been charging ridiculously high donation fees. This not only takes away from the amount of money the supported organization receives, but it also discourages people from donating. This doesn’t stop the donation platforms/middlemen from charging high fees, but why?

With Reform Coin, we are looking to ‘Reform’ donations, which in turn helps organizations set to better the world. Rather than the organizations not receiving the full amount of money being sent by the donors, organizations are rewarded by receiving donations through Reform. Any Reform Coin holders automatically receive a $ portion of every transaction made with Reform Coin.

That means by donating $rform, you are sending the organization a growing crypto-donation, which solves the problem that is faced regarding donation fees. It also means by purchasing and holding $rform, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the automatic deposit of more crypto into your wallet! Reform Coin is the new cryptocurrency initiative that sets out to reform the world.


With an initiative wallet set aside from the initial supply and an aggressive growth plan, $rform allows you to earn big as you hodl.

Original supply

1,000,000,000 original deployment

2% tax on transactions

1% Distributed to holders
1% Added to liquidity

Profit from holding

We reward holders with a 1% transaction tax which puts $RFORM directly into your wallet every time someone buys or sells.

Initiative wallet

15% of the initial token supply was reserved and belongs to the initiative wallet financing the project.


Bettering the world is a never-ending job that requires a strong plan to tackle it every day. Check out our roadmap and see what we have planned to keep this community and platform healthy. Community events, giveaways, an NFT marketplace, and merchandise are all on the way!

June, 2022

– Mission Created ☑
– Website Complete ☑
– $RFORM Launch ☑
– Social Medias Launched ☑
– Major exchange listings ☑
– EtherScan Listing ☑
– Liquidity Added ☑
– Transaction Tax Added ☑
– Soft Launch: Successful! ☑
– Developmental Break ☑

November, 2023

– Influencer Marketing
– Team Expansion
– CoinGecko Listing
– CoinMarketCap Listing
– Merch
– Website Improvements

December, 2023

– ReformSwap Launch  
– More Listings 
– Donation Platform Dev.
– Improvement/Expansion

January, 2024

– NFT Project Development
– Reform Podcast 
– Crowdfunding Campaign Talks
– Community Merch Contest

February, 2024

– New Merch Designs
– Regular Support Content
– Exclusive Holder Content

Join the $RFORM team

$RFORM is a community token that is truly run by the community. Everyone on the team started out just like you – holders with a lot of love to share, advice to give and a drive to do something good for the world. Come and say hi to the team on telegram! If you feel you have skills that are beneficial to the movement, contact us and we’ll find a space for you. 

Frequently asked questions

You can check out our full step-by-step guide and video explainer coming soon.

Launched on June 24th, 2022, Reform Coin is a decentralized community-driven token that aims to revolutionize crypto donations for all, for the future. With our coin, you can currently make commission free donations to anyone, anywhere.

Yes, all our current social medias are linked here (soft launch, updating soon).


The official $RFORM token contract can be found here: 0xe3396173962Ae54a0FE430ab6980E6DFA951C3dF

There’s a simple solution to this. You’ve got to add it as a “custom token”.

There are 3 steps:

1) Tap on the search token button and type something in. Once you get the screen “add custom token” go ahead and click it.

2) Get the custom token ID from Reform Coin. In this case you can just copy the ID: < TOKEN ID > and fill it in.

3) Fill the token details with the name as well.

The token should now be visible in your wallet. If you still have questions, contact us at anytime and we’d be happy to help.

Reform Coin is a community token. By renouncing ownership, there are no actions developers can take in altering the token or its supply (so no mint feature can be called).

If you have any inquiries, feel free to email us at – contact@reformcoin.org


Make the world a better place.

The reform coin team is on a mission to make the world a better place, while earning you money. We’re quickly building an amazing community and having a ton of fun along the way. Join us!

Reform the world.